Echo Chamber – The New Album

RJ Thompson’s brand new album Echo Chamber is available worldwide now on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, and many more. The album’s poignant lyrics perfectly capture the mood of the past 12 months, with songs that won’t fail to resonate. A colourful, and at times nostalgic, soundscape that breaks the mould of stereotypical modern-day singer songwriter.

Stream and download the album today on your favourite platform, or buy physical copies of the album below.



The 9 track album is available to stream on Spotify now.


The 9 track album is available to buy on iTunes now.

Google Play
Google Play

The 9 track album is available to buy on Google Play now.

CDs & Cassettes


The 9 track album in CD format, featuring artwork by Jimmy Turrell, dispatched from the RJ Thompson Store.

Deluxe Bundle
Deluxe Bundle

The 9 track album on CD, limited edition Cassette and Digital Download, plus a Chord, Photo and Lyric book. Dispatched from the RJ Thompson Store.

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